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infinIT was established solely to take way the "burden" of IT from small businesses. We offer a full suite of outsourced IT services that include Custom Software Development, Business Intelligence & Database Management, Website Development, Networking & IT Support. Call us today!

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Our offering to you

Let infinIT take away the burden of IT, so that you can concetrate on what you know best, running your business. We offer Custom Software Development Services, Business Intelligence, Database Management, Website Development, Networking & Network Security, & IT Support. So whether you need to automate your business by building a custom Web-based or Mobile Application, find answers that matter using Business Intelligence tools, secure and optimise your database, or simply need to run cabling for your network or do a server clean-up, infinIT Technology Solutions is your answer!

Our Values



We are a team strongly driven by Integrity. We stick to our word and make sure we deliver what we promise. We are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right



By keeping our solutions simple but yet effective we are able to reach out to a huge audience and give our clients value for their money.



We strive to offer quality I.T products and services to our clients. We have set high standards for ourselves and have put in place rigorous internal quality assurance processes and procedures.

For information on Products & Services

Email info@infinittechsolutions.co.za or call 010 3125190


Happy Clients

These are some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with.